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Show !!!


Muito bom o jogo








Fajna zabawa!



nice game



Chats have been off for several days now, past 2 weeks have been crashing and freezing, and I’m missing close to 2k in gold, not to mention all the rewards for the last few bounty runs of this month, I’ve invested far too much than I’d like to admit on this game, both time and money, and after opening a crate and winning a caraway nametaker I go to “collect my rewards” and it force closes after freezing and I just lose everything. It’s almost like getting robbed. Makes me pretty reluctant to ever make a purchase again for I fear your security has been breached.....not cool.

Was fun...

Be warned...ksb only wants your money. If you have a ton of money, go for it. It will crush and don’t expect to get your awards or gold. PVP is a joke. Tapjoy for gold only wants your info and will flood your email. This game is like casinos - house always wins. The people who are giving 4 plus stars are given gifts so...beware and good luck.

Crash, glitches and downright frustrating!

This game keeps crashing. I lose energy, win streaks and I have to force close the app to restart. Now my screen blacks out during missions. I just bought gold only to have an unplayable game.

5 stars baby


The game

You have to wait hours to get fill energy and the game makes some levels that don’t even make sense and they are almost impossible but take hours to finish one level sometimes because you have to wait for your energy to fill up.

Kill shot bravo

Kill shot bravo(c) is definitely getting better from last time I played. Still some glitches exist. Over all a great experience for ex-military and law enforcement! Got room for improvement!!! I give it 3 stars for now.

Great shot

Love it

New update

The critical strike update is just another way for hh to get you to use your pups. The payoff isn’t worth it. I won’t be wasting my time on it. Nice try hh but no thanks

Love the game!!!!!

First I want to say love the game play as well as graphics. Only thing is this week I am assuming that it must be some bugs within the app because game keeps freezing as well as shutting down in the middle of game play.


Does not work will with I phone!!!


We want more explosions on cars ,tanks that are sitting still more shattered windows and gifts like gold ,guns uniforms special guns from shooting those crates and chests on the different levels would make the game that much more greater .

Fun and very entertaining!!

I really like this game I think is very cool

It’s just fun

I’m not a gamer, by a long shot, but this is a fun game, graphics are passable and it’s just a lot of fun. Plenty to do even if you’re spending a lot of cash.


Far to many crashes during game play. I’ve lost a lot of power ups during the end of mission due to crashes

Crash since the last update

This game won’t even play since the last update

Complete Garbage

This USED to be a great great; maybe the best out there, but HH got super greedy. The prices went up (WAAAAY UP) and the quality went WAAAAY down. This has basically turned into an app where people compete to see who can spend the most amount of money. Save your time and money and DO NOT download this garbage.

Kill shot bravo

Find it to be a good game.

Seems pretty good , pistols are Killers !!!!!!

I’ve had no problems , up to level 32 The pistols are killer ,I take out 90% of these jokers with them If ya don’t know how to shoot , then move on,,,, Maybe the game could use a target range for these city boys to learn how to shoot ,,,,,,,,, Ha lol


For a game that I cheerfully allow to harvest and sell my info, they certainly are greedy for more $$$. But it’s the best game out there <sigh>

Love it!

Been playing (on same alliance) for approximately 18 months and STILL love it enough to play anytime I can. The nay sayers don’t know what they’re talking about!

Lost all progress

Bought a new phone and lost all my progress. Almost a year and a half’s worth and a lot of money. Not happy

love the game, but......

As the title says...I love this game, but the developers have made it more about collecting money than suppling us with good weapons. I’ve personally made several purchases in the past but will not going forward because I do not want to keep spending my money for nothing. Please open it up where we the consumers can get quality weaponry instead of having to purchase all of them!


Great app war game

Kill shot Bravo

The best game put together so far


Started off good now I am getting error messages in middle of pvp game or video will play while I am trying to complete a missing taking me out of the mission and causing me to lose my place or the current mission. New problem is if I lose a mission and get the view video for free replay the game locks up.

Money Pit

This started out as a pretty cool game. Only problem is as you progress further you will have to get a semi-automatic rifle. Guess what it cost gold or try to get one in a crate, and as you can guess this cost gold as well. Also you are rewarded with medals that you can’t do anything with other than use them to purchase a silencer for your sniper rifle. Then the missions are as they say wash, rinse, and repeat.

Excellent game

It,s excellent game.

Former Player - Since January 2016

To anyone considering playing this game, I would strongly urge you to find another option. It is expensive, repetitive, buggy and has horrible customer service. You have likely seen these comments in other reviews. What I would like to add is this game is DYING. Most of the top players have either quit or are planning to quit. What made this game unique for a long time was the team-based game play. Most events could be done with teammates one way or another. With the best players leaving, that will disappear. Even if prices drop, even if HH Games decides to actually listen to its customers, even if the game were 100% FREE, you can’t replace the community. Take your money (and time) elsewhere.

Overall - Pretty Good Game

I’ve worked in digital production, interactive games and TV production as a professional so, I can really appreciate the level of work dedicated to making this a fun game. I play the game on my iPad Pro and the experience is good overall. The only annoyance I have is when I lose a mission and the “Play again for free” button sometimes takes a long time to load or doesn’t load at all where it can be selected. Not sure if this is a problem with the iPad or if it happens on other devices. I thought it might be my internet connection but doubt that. Great work, guys!

Rock n roll

So far a lot of fun! But also I’m a newbie

Will never do business with HotBead games

First, the game has constant ads during game play. Second, the game lost my purchases and all my progress. Contacted support and they couldn’t find m my username. They asked me to prove that I had in app purchases. I took screen shots to prove it, but since they still couldn’t find my username they said there is nothing they could do. Will never download or make any purchases from HotHead games again.

Good game but gets very expensive

It started off well as everyone playing were not paying a lot. Then they got very greedy and to be on top of the Game and contribute effectively in the Alliance, you would have to spend a good $200-$300 a month to keep upgrading weapons. The old weapons you bought become obsolete after a few months. The weapons in Dollar terms are around $100 each and you have to buy the entire set of weapons (5) per Event. $500 right there for each event and there are 4 rotating all the time, you do the math. Play for fun, but don’t let it get you sucked in or broke.


My alliance have played in awhile I can't win bonuses in this area because no one on my team plays- how do I move to another team when I'm not able to appoint someone to be in charge- to get the next bonus I need an alliance I'm at 99 need one more to win and it been months- what do I do- Muke 26 playing by myself


Love breach, fav mode

One of the best games I've seen, now for the bad part

You go to collect rewards and it kicks you off. You spend hours playing this game with a smile, then when it comes time to collect your rewards you get kicked off. It is very frustrating. I play this game off and on for a year, and it seems like the ones who pay have no problem. So my suggestion to you is get your credit card ready and you will have fun. But if you're poor and can't afford to pay for upgrades you'll get kicked off and not receive anything after playing for a while. So I stop playing this game. Don't believe me read the other reviews


Best game ever mannn💯

Excellent game to withdraw

I love this game, and too bad I do not have enough time during the day to pick up my console and have some extreme manly fun.

Pink screen during Sniper dual

Not sure what is going on, today whenever I play PVP, as soon as the match begins my screen goes pink, can see the thermal meter and the crosshairs in my scope, but that’s about it. Could not find any contact info for the software company

No more annoying pop ups

I find it really annoying that inbox and offers keep popping up when I play get rid of this so I can actually play kill shot bravo sniper FPS game

I was charged for things without verification

In app purchase didn’t give me a notice asking for approval. I spend so much time on this game and to be duped because of an ACCIDENTAL screen touch is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

This game is a rude dood

I shot him in head and he had Allstate and I only had statefarm so I died 💀 fix game give me allstate and not statfarm because there were no good neighbors and you guys were not there

Don't waste your time or money

To all prospective players, please don't waste your time downloading this game. Hothead games are the greediest most apathetic people you will encounter. The game will cost you $400 -$1000 a month to play at the most competitive levels. The players have tried to reach out to Hothead games since they are providing an interior product (problems with nearly every event) while charging top dollar. This was once a great game but the developers have engrossed themselves in greed and forced many to leave the game for other games like PUBG. Furthermore, their customer support may be the most unhelpful group that supposed to provide service to customers. AVOID HOTHEAD GAMES LIKE THE PLAQUE. I was a player for over 2 years. If you need to verify my comments, read Kill Shot Bravo's Facebook page comments. The players resent this developer for what they did to the players and to the game.


Love but gun freeze sometimes


Bad ads game


Great game I kid loves it

Poor at best

Update After being one of the first 1,000 people to download this game i have decided to retire from it. Hot Head Games has driven the prices up and up and the customer service has continued to decrease. There are a lot of great players leaving this game. YBecause of the continued glitches within the game and the same old maps and bounties. And the continued price increases every 2 weeks. And the very poor at best customer support or lack of. Be aware of this game to be competitive in this game will cost you a min. Of 350.00 dollars a month or even more. People have spent thousands on this game including myself. This is all i can do is to warn you of it BadMotherFo signing off (Retired)

Very addictive just needs a little

Love the game just wish you didn’t always need a ton of gold to buy better weapons just once it would be awesome to buy the nicer gun that’s it

Pretty good

I like the game to kill some free time at work... I would recommend it to anyone...

Developers have severe case of GREED

Strongly disappointed in the constant need to pay to play

Fun game

This game is a great way to meet people from all over the world. It is also fun and challenging. There is a phrase of which to beware. In App Purchases. One can literally spend thousands of dollars keeping up with the Weapons and gear. This game would be better if there was a stop loss cap on the in app purchases. Until then I suggest that you don’t play it.

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