Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS Recenzje App


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Muito bom o jogo








Fajna zabawa!



nice game


Money pit... waste of tme

Don’t get near it unless you got 200 buck to arm yourself... or else you are just a target.. no skill needed .. just cash.... ripoff... hate it... should be name kill shot loser’s club

Quality Game

I have never spent a penny on this game. I have beaten every level on every map. If you have complaints just be better at the game.

Great game

Love the graphics

Favorite FPS Game

Best FPS game and the graphics are insane!

Was it good

the game freezes when I finish a mission or I want to start a mission and it freezes I can not play like that

Add a new region please

Add a new region please

Needs New Levels!

They stopped creating new levels and just use the generic “Critical Strike” as an update. The most fun part of this game was advancing past 50 levels in primary, then black ops, and breach. Now it’s just repetitive.

Used to be good - horrid customer svc

Used to be fun, run over by hacks and cheats. Made and accidental purchase and asked for an immediate correction. Customer service was rude and out of line in their response. Stay stay

Nene she’sرسول


Crashes, and tons of ads

The number of ads you must watch makes gameplay too short and choppy. App crashes often.


I've played this game after the company quit supporting Kill Shot. It has been enjoyable to play until recently. Almost every time I open it to play, it force closes. I'm going to delete it as the minor frustration that I feel about it is not worth it. To be fair, I use my 1st gen iPad so maybe it is too slow.

Scam Scam!

Cannot advance in this game without spending. Such a waste. Weapons purchased, no delivery. Erased progress! SCAM Alert! 🖕🏽🖕🏽

Love it but!!!

I love this game. It works fine in the primary mode but when I do any of the "extras" it closes. That means I lose the energy and my score.

Money making scam

Hothead only wants your cash here. They only way to advance is to buy gold. Then you have to be on a team. There is nothing free in this game. Customer support is dreadful.

More Regions, please!

This game has kept my brother and I entertained thru many business meetings and boring family dinners, however, there hasn’t been new regions opening up in quite some time now. All the other new stuff seems like repetitive fluff and $$$ schemes. We want more regions/levels, please!!!

Somebody thinks they are worth a lot more than they rare

Way too expensive to play. All these apps seem to think they just deserve $100 for everything. I just finished round 36, and I can’t advance to round 37. I know there’s at least 40 levels going right now - I have seen the updates come across listing at least that many. But I have play this stupid promo game that won’t let me advance. Would really love to know why. Is it because I don’t currently own a machine gun in the game so I have to spend 2000 gold on one in order to advance? Scam artists.

Not working

I got to the 5 mission and it won’t let me play it

Crashing piece of trash :(

Game crashes all the time, waste of time. You lose points, energy and power ups every time it crashes. Hot Head doesn't seem to care to scale up their resources or debug the code. Just keeps getting worse!


One of my favorite games, you will like it even if you are not into this kind of games , it is simple and full of fun , the graphics 👍🏽💪🏾 and the ideas are really awesome and interesting

Sniper game

I 1st started playing the game over a year ago the only good guns gotta be bought with gold!! It’s starting to looking more like a space wars game than being a snipers game.

Unfair and not fun

I hate playing against max levels as a level 12 it’s really unfair and I always lose, I’ve never won a pvp and it’s not cause I’m bad, it’s I’ve never had a chance to be good



Horrendous customer support!

Their customer service just doesn’t care! Horrible. If you have game issues - just — just play another game. Don’t waste any money on in-app purchases...use what you get through the game, and forget about contacting “support” - they’re too “busy!” Game gets pretty boring after a while — all the same.

Was fun

So many traps. They advertise crates with X guns then you win guns that are half the ratings as the ones advertised. You use Tapjoy to gain gold and you only get half of what you worked for. If you are not paying the big bucks, forget it. I have since found other games that are more fun and less money.


Chats have been off for several days now, past 2 weeks have been crashing and freezing, and I’m missing close to 4k in gold I’ve spent forever earning not to mention all the rewards for the last few bounty runs of this month, I’ve invested far too much than I’d like to admit on this game, both time and money, and after opening a crate and winning a caraway nametaker I go to “collect my rewards” and it force closes after freezing and I just lose everything. It’s almost like getting robbed. Makes me pretty reluctant to ever make a purchase again for I fear your security has been breached.....not cool.

Love KSB but...

Love the game. Been playing it I think since 2015. Only problem I always encountered was the app freezing especially when trying to get gold after watching videos for it.

Horrible. It won’t even start.

The LMG level doesn’t even start. And most of the game just stopped downloading for me. Fix this.


This used to be a great game, but it has gotten really stale over the last 12 months. Hot Head keeps putting the same lame tracks out and the updates are always delayed & problematic. You’ll have to pay a small fortune to stay competitive, and what you get back in return is not worth the expense.

Fun, has its issues though

Fun game. Great when it's working good. It has its issues at times, like any other game. More people that are on it, it slows down at times. Good fun way to pass time though


This game heard to have bullets that went threw the target and there would be a hole where the bullet was but now when you shout a person it will now just show a black hold instead of a hole that the bullet went threw

Kill Shot Bravo

Have not been able to open ap for two days. Hit it and returns . What can I do?

Kill shot bravo

It’s a good game and I see people have 3 10sentence paragraph and this is a simple review

Pay to play FPS

This game has the potential to be great. The problem is that the game is geared towards people willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one or two guns that It's impossible to progress in story mode without.

Solid but slow interface

I like the game but sometimes it delays whenever you’re in an interface in the menu

Very fun

Doesn’t crash at all and very addicting game also fun

Fun game

Having fun

Need to end tapjoy relationship

Game plays decent but it’s rewards for trying other games is lame. Tapjoy is their conduit and they are weeks behind. Deleted game and won’t reinstall. Also found strange freedom in not being tethered to this or any game. I’m out.

Good but.......

I love this game and have been playing it over a year. The best part is PVP duels but there is a major flaw. So I am a 5th Division Corporal in PVP. But every time I play I get paired up with Challengers and Elites who are level 50 or more when I’m level 12. I stand absolutely no chance against them which kinda makes it slim to almost impossible to rank up. If you could fix it that would be great.

Critical Strike

This new game mode changed mobile FPS games. It is amazing. I cannot express my love for this game mode.

great game!!

i think everyone that has played this game would agree it’s a great game. graphics are exceptional, game play is flawless. keep up the great work guys!!!

Not Good

This game used to be good but the creators made it so it just keeps going on and on, the cost to upgrade something can take one day and some missions need you to upgrade several things, this is a pay to play game if you need a weapon that needs gold and you don’t have that gold you can either play for months to save up gold or what most people do is pay 20 dollars to get it, this game is really not worth playing I started playing it like a year ago and I barely made it far with all the work and grinding to get bucks to buy weapons has just gotten me to the point where I say what’s the point in going this far if I know someday I’m just going to get rid of this game. It’s gotten really boring there’s barely any updates. I just hope the creators read all of these reviews and see what they can do to make this a better game.

Crash, glitches and downright frustrating!

This game keeps crashing. I lose energy, win streaks and I have to force close the app to restart. Now my screen blacks out during missions. I just bought gold only to have an unplayable game.

5 stars baby


The game

You have to wait hours to get fill energy and the game makes some levels that don’t even make sense and they are almost impossible but take hours to finish one level sometimes because you have to wait for your energy to fill up.

Kill shot bravo

Kill shot bravo(c) is definitely getting better from last time I played. Still some glitches exist. Over all a great experience for ex-military and law enforcement! Got room for improvement!!! I give it 3 stars for now.

Great shot

Love it

New update

The critical strike update is just another way for hh to get you to use your pups. The payoff isn’t worth it. I won’t be wasting my time on it. Nice try hh but no thanks

Love the game!!!!!

First I want to say love the game play as well as graphics. Only thing is this week I am assuming that it must be some bugs within the app because game keeps freezing as well as shutting down in the middle of game play.


Does not work will with I phone!!!

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