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Fajna zabawa!



nice game


New update

Game crashes within 30 secs from starting Bounties. All was well prior to this last update.

You Get What You Pat For

I’m only writing a review because I’ve seen so many negative ones. The game has excellent graphics and descent game play. The rotating events and upgraded missions has extended the longevity of the game for me. Those who have been playing a year plus probably don’t have as much to do. I pay about 20 minutes a day and find it enjoyable. In terms of glitches, I had frequent issues on my iPad II and its impossible to play on Apple TV without a controller. I would blast the chat room when I had glitch issues and was consistently rewarded with free perks. Since moving exclusively to my iPhone 7 6 months ago, I haven’t experienced issues.

Good game but..

It need be optimized for iPhone X

Good shooter game.I like it.

So amazing

I have been playing for a long time but...

My game broke when it updated and lost all my progress this is bad so this is a bad review!

My Cobra logo was taken from me I’m very upset

I payed 5,000 gold bars to pay for that cobra logo . Once I updated the version from my iPhone it took off my Cobra logo I’m very upset I worked really hard to get that one. Please put it back

Kill shot Bravo

Es un gran juego, con grandes gráficos

Great app

Great app play with friends and the worlds great Response from customer service

Level 31 rifle required but you’ve only released level 30!?

Sniper Duel issues again! Keeps searching for opponent...match found...and then searching again. Machine guns...can't buy any with cash? Costs too much in gold. Can't accumulate enough gold without spending real money to get it. Game continues to have crashing issues...causes to lose match, power. How do you create a mission that requires a level 31 sniper rifle when you’ve only released level 30 (which I’ve completed) and there aren’t any level 31 sniper rifles available to acquire?

Great game, but. . .

This is a fun game to play. However when you upgrade your phone, there is no way that I have found to keep your avatar, gear and level. I’ve had to start over twice now. It’s give it five starts if I could only keep my level and equipment (and alliance) when I upgrade my phone.


Game continues to be fun.... I don’t succumb to paying the money for crates or gold and I can still enjoy the game

Won’t load now

Downloaded the new update today, and the game won’t load at all. Rebooting my phone didn’t help. Very disappointed

Kill Shot Bravo

I have played this game for a long time but things have gotten worse lately. Gold is used to buy or win weapons that you will need to be competitive. This is ok but now new weapons come out so frequently and require expensive upgrades for each weapon. By the time most win, buy a weapon and finish upgrading it a new weapon comes out making the one u worked so hard to upgrade obsolete. I understand these companies need to make a profit but this issue and many others are making it clear that Hot Head Games is only concerned with making a huge profits and not with the average gamer. Update: it’s December 2017. HH made some positive improvements From all the backlash over their unfair practices. After things calmed down a bit they are now back to their unethical money grabbing ways. The latest update includes a new weapon in a all new crate. If won you must keep buying crates to then upgrade the weapon. There is no guarantee u will win these upgrades, until $1000 are spent. Please do not download this game as you will be disappointed. They let you win guns easily at first to get you sucked in and addicted, after that it’s pain, misery, and a empty wallet.

Amazing game


Lots of fun

The game’s a lot of fun, just wish it was easier to get gold

Too expensive

Nice game but don't waste your time. they are getting you hooked on absurd in-app purchases to stay competitive. Save your money and find another game. This one doesn't require any talent. Just need a gaming addiction and a fat wallet.


Great game..... Can't stop playing.....


The perfect time waster. Love it!

Don’t waste your time

The game has become so ridiculous with the amount of money you have to spend. The only ones being competitive are those that know the glitches. The developers set up a player council who they pander to and only those with access to this council will advance. But even this council has members who will abuse the system and ensure you can’t compete with them. Aside from that, the developers will implement new game play in the middle of an event that will ruin your chances of competing. This coupled with the constant updates that bring more frustrating crashes. All in all, you’d be better off not clicking the download button on this one.

Blank out missing gold bar

Sometimes it gets boring When weapons upgrades are expensive But it’s gun

Still Love This Game!

Been playing for some time. Missions could be a little easier and weapons could be a little less costly. But, I play every day. So, I can’ really complain.

Love it

This game is addicting. I really do love it and can’t put it down. I’d give it a 5 star if it was easier to obtain weapons requiring gold.

Kill Shot Bravo

This is a really good game. I prefer using human characters but I am 71 years old. The worst part is gold is hard to get enough of unless you spend real money and I will never do that. One of my favorite games.

Force closing issues

Update 12/8/2017: better now with update. Still has a little lag sometimes. Can live with it. Still a fun game. Latest version on iOS 10.3.3 always force closing. Not fun. Could easily be a 5 star game if freezing/force closing can be fixed.

Best Game Ever

I’ve been playing since Day 1...Great game great updates..Thanks for the fun

Great game retarded reload times

First off I LOVE THIS GAME The one and only reason I’m giving one star is because the guy takes five seconds to reload any sniper rifle (besides premium and the only way to get a premium gun is to PAY) not reload the magazine but to put another bullet in the chamber. Here’s the guys reload thought, oh I need to reload another bullet. Ok let me boil some tea, walk my dog, go to the dmv on a Saturday, watch a lord of the rings movie, watch every walking dead episode ever, drink my said tea, and finally reload the bullet. Ooooooh that took so long that I’m now dead. Oooohhhh I’m out of energy? Nothin like waiting 10 minutes to play again or pay 10 gold to refill? Oooohhhhh that’s right you have to pay for gold. Or I can do an ad offer that only works 40 % of the time? GREAT! Great game. Stupid design.

The game doesn’t start

I started playing and I was enjoying the game then in the first LMG mission the game said that I need to load the gun so I start Kill shot virus which I downloaded at the same time, I come back and press the start button but the game doesn’t respond anymore, I restart the game and it loads in the same position frozen, I delete it and re-download it but it still loads the same mission page that I can’t back out from. ————————————–—————————— I checked online on the problem and I just needed to reboot my iPhone to make it work. I’ll still only give 4/5 rating because you didn’t give the player the option to download all data packages before starting the game.

No support

The game starts out lower levels is fine after updates to get new levels you ll notice the game starts crashing your points won’t be added to the score then like a dumb you’ll buy gold you ll play pvp and the higher you rank up the more the glitches happen I notified support over 2 months ago I received an automated response no real person no help. If you do play the game don’t buy game cash you can make cash in regular assault missions $100 of your real dollars for 110k game cash you can make this amount in 5 minutes or less research special offers the only thing special about it is your paying twice the amount for something than it normally cost hothead are ripoff artists in my opinion

Can I leave 0 stars

Just buy a game. Don’t waste your time on foreign based rpg crap that tries to get you to watch videos and sends you to websites

I love it

I love it

Great game but...

It’s a great game that several members of my family have been playing since it came out, but there are several things that need improvement. The system for buying perks with medals is very flawed. For people who have 1.2 million medals (myself included) , buying medals 1000 at a time is highly impractical and is also a very large put off.

Truly a great game

Yes this game is very amazing however after about a minute my game crashes so... Please fix it. Once again all around great game so 4 out of 5.



No gold, no good.

So, I was playing a game on another platform and needed gold. #Tapjoy said play this game (Final Fantasy XV) and reach level 10 citadel and get 1800 gold. Well, 3 weeks ago I reached level 10 and still don’t have my gold. 4 emails later, still don’t have my gold. That’s why it’s a 1star rating.

Excellent game!

This game is a very addicting game, I play it all the time!

Keep crashing

Game lags as hell while playing on iPad and crashes every while. Deleting now!!


So much to play this game as well as the first “Kill Shot”!!! Great app developers 👍✌🏽👌

Lost Gold

Someone is stealing my gold i want to know what happened i lost 1000 gold. I want to know what happened


Great game! I see reviews about crashing problems , but I have been playing this game for months with very few problems.

I need help.

Honestly! The game is very nice and it makes me have peace in my mind and it make me forgetting all my problems once I started playing it but I am facing some difficulties in region 15 because I can't kill the copperhead and I have been writing to others about it but nobody gives me answer to it. Although I thank everyone who make this game available us to play.

Used to be good.

This game was good for about a year. But with all of the cheaters and hackers that run the top alliances it has been ruined. It’s barely even worth playing anymore. The cost of everything skyrocketed to the point where you have to grind for days for one weapon upgrade. When they changed the PVP format was the first sign it was going downhill. The algorithm for rewarding weapons has changed to where you have to buy 20 crates to get a weapon and chances are you’re going to get something you don’t need. The in game support doesn’t help and the responses received from the developers are usually condescending. For a pay to play (and yes it is honestly a pay to play game) it is really unfair, the developers have it set up so you can never get ahead. The partnership they have with tapjoy is also a joke. The amount of time and effort fighting tapjoy to get gold for completing an offer is a joke. I really wish this game had followed a different path but greed has ruined what was once a great game.


Good game I love it

Great Game

Been playing for over a year, overall great game. Can be a bit repetitive once you get to the challenger/elite level. PLEASE remove the daily gauntlet notification, though. It’s a DAILY don’t need to remind us daily.

Too many glitches

It’s a fun and addicting game to play but I.T has wayyy too many glitches. Not a big fan that most of the good guns have to be bought with gold.

good game but...

it’s a good game but i found it odd it was a bunch of old grown men playing, they take it way too seriously and made me highly uncomfortable and made the game less fun, had to quit

Conveniently losing connection

Update 11-18-17 I am a 1st division Lt Colonel trying to complete the promotion assignment to win 20 matches in a row. TWICE NOW I have completed 19 wins, and when I go to find a 20th match, it says “Match Found”, and then the wheel just keeps on spinning over and over but never loads or starts the match. I conveniently get disconnected. I leave and come back to the app, and it says my previous match was a loss due to being disconnected. I never moved location, I never disconnected from my WiFi. This is ridiculous! I have spent over 200 Gold trying to complete this task, and it happened the same way both times when almost completing this task! I am completely irate about the situation! I’m probably done with this app altogether, and I’m not suggesting it to anybody else.

Kill shot bravo

Very good also need to sponsor me in guns cash in game.

Good game

It cool

Really fun but...

When I play offline I come back and everything I did offline is gone. Even sometimes when i play online my progress disappears. Still, it’s awesome that you keep adding levels and stuff. Keep it up!

Great game!

You can level up quite a bit and really get some cool weapons and gear!

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