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Muito bom o jogo








Fajna zabawa!



nice game



Gameplay is pretty good, as so are the graphics. However, the people that have developed this game and the overall stakeholders are greedy beyond belief!!! The absolutely asinine prices for gold and weapons in this game are appalling! You can literally play Xbox live or PlayStation games MUCH cheaper than you can play this game. Honestly, apple should probably look into banning this game from their platform.

Waaaaay too expensive

I like the game. I’ve made some good friends in this game. However, the greed from HH is destroying the game. Everything is too expensive. Rewards are bad and getting worse. This game is a total money grab.

Good game, but do not expect to play for long without money

If you have an issue with tapjoy offer do not expect help from hothead games. Even though tapjoy is offered on there game, if you have a problem collecting from an offer they will give you the company line”tapjoy is a separate company and we cannot help you”. There newest change to the game, is with the special forces blitz event. In this event, you have a chance to win gold and a crate token. Now, to participate in the event you have to have a certain dual wield weapon that they recently came out with. Normally you have a couple of guns to choose from to qualify to participate. The latest change is really unfair

Top marks for free

I’ve been playing this for a couple years. I’ve spent all of $5 on it in that time, play about half hour a day with the free energy I get. Can play longer if you take advantage of the free gold. Premium gear makes the game too easy (on iPad), so stick with what you can buy with winnings, and be challenged. Judging by what I see in chat, I wouldn’t go into that community for all the gold in the game.

My favorite game is dying

I have played this game for over 3 years. Made friends all over the world, but it isn’t fun any more. like other game companies hothead has decided to go for profit over player loyalty. frankly the quality of the game is dropping as well. This weekend had the most boring bounties yet, the same mega drone every time. Hopefully hothead will get the message and realize ksb became a top game because it was well made and skill not money created elite and loyal players who are leaving the game everyday.

Too Expensive to play

Save your money. At the rate they upgrade new guns. It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep up. If you don't spend ALOT of money on the game. It won't be any fun and it gets frustrating.


The game only wants money !!!! Way to much gold for new guns. DONT PLAY THIS GAME !!!!!!


I love this game basically the only game I enjoy playing BUT IT HAS WAY TOO MANY CRASHES AND NOT ENOUGH OPEN LEVELS. I WAITED A WEEK FOR LEVEL 33 and then beat that level and am now waiting 3 days for level 34

Crashes and locks

I love the game but lately I have dealt with crashes and freezes of this game. I have lost energy games I didn’t play. I wished I could be compensated with a nice amount gold because I have lost gold also.

Not bad

This game is ok one problem I can’t aim without Firing a shot which gives away my position which makes this game to start raining for me

It’s pretty good

It’s good because it’s fun


It’s fun but the programmers are starting to get so greedy! They want you to keep buying golds. Not worth of the money. Don’t buy those gold and just save your money....


Muy bueno el juego 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Awesome game

Very well designed. Updated and problems fixed quickly , got to give the coders credit. Well done and keep the new stuff coming

Great fun game

Love this game to relax and unwind!!

Good shooter game.I like it.

So amazing

Fun but tedious

Although the developers have worked very hard to keep the new levels coming it remains a gold driven game and lacks in sonar areas. Alternative purchase options should be created for premium items. Crate drops are insufficient even if you can earn one and the daily missions are in desperate need of updating or replacing. They have been the same since the game roll out. Please make some new daily missions! I can do them in my sleep. Still a fun game though.

Stay away

This game starts out fun. But constantly crashes forcing you to losing your streaks. Don’t dare watch a video to increase your rewards. Also REWARDS are not as guaranteed from the 3rd party tapjoy. Then if you decide to tap dance on a land mine and contact support brace yourself from the normal vague response. ( update ) after playing and PAYING for years. Took a break for a month to return to having to start completely over.

Pay 2 Win game is fine but...

The prices are not! Outrageous prices like, 19.99 for an actually good weapon that’ll last like one chapter, and for a good weapon that will last you through the entire game? $100!!! Ridiculous! and playing the game even wants points you to buying their stuff, until this is fixed, I’m not playing! Join me brothers and sisters!

Overall, great game, BUT....

This game is fantastic overall, but it is way too hard to get gold even by buying it, and when the ad came up for double free gold from watching ads, I did and it didn't work. Also, I wish there was a system where you can sell weapons or gear to get cash/gold back. That would be really cool!

Apple TV Update Delay

Kill Shot Bravo is one of my go to games on Apple TV. However I have noticed that updates to the app/game are released before the Apple TV. In most cases, the update is released to Apple TV users 5-7 days after the iPhone/iPad update. Once again, the game is great and the graphics are “killer” compared to other shooting/action games on Apple’s App Store. I just wish the updates to Apple TV, which is my main console, were delivered in sync with my other Apple products.

Great Addictive Game

Game is great and very addictive once you get the hang of it. Make sure you join a good alliance as soon as possible as you’ll benefit from events and having support on campaign missions. Only reason I’m not giving 5 stars as good weapons are real world expensive if you’re not lucky enough to win one every once in a while. Game could really benefit from being able to gift weapons to your fellow alliance members but they have not implemented that as of yet!

Force closing/freezing issues

Update 12/8/2017: better now with update. Still has a little lag sometimes. Can live with it. Still a fun game. Latest version on iOS 10.3.3 always force closing. Not fun. Could easily be a 5 star game if freezing/force closing can be fixed. Fraudulent. Game is rigged to reload slower so you end up buying weapons. 🤥👎

Game review

Probably the best inter-active game out there. Paid or free Definitely worth the download

Best game ever if you got the cash

This game s great it is a pay to play if your into competing online anyways but for everything else it’s great I’m an online guy so mostly only do events now but when I first started I didn’t pay nothing and it was the best pvp game out there still is in my opinion I gave it one star cuz customer service is non existent computer generated emails you complete offers it ignores you and only pays when it wants and half those things are viruses too so ya if your not on apple I feel sorry for you but anyways that’s why the low star it’s a great game best graphics I pay I play I freakin love those zombie bounties

Enjoyable but play at your own risk

Overall I’ll say this is a fun game. There’s a variety of gameplay and lots of cool weapons. But if you ever have an issue due to a glitch caused by an update, you can forget about any kind of help. Hothead does not have good customer service. I had an issue buying something in-game and it didn’t show up. I was asked to provide screenshots of my Apple receipt and a screenshot of my gaming profile . After I provided proof they told me it did show up in my account even when the screenshot of my profile clearly showed it didn’t. It’s not like I lost a lot of money but the extremely poor way they handled my question left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s still an enjoyable game but buyer beware.

I wish I could have put 0 star

Just annoying af game

Game issues

The alliance events page says there are new events but when you go to the page there is nothing there, please fix this soon as these events are on a time limit

No puedo ingresar

No lo puedo actualizar

Not worth it!

They tell u that u need to upgrade your gun every time u want to play! So now u upgrade your rifle for $2000 to only get $250 for completing the mission. How much sense does it make? They don't want u to play if u don't give them any money!

Best Game Ever

I’ve been playing since Day 1...Great game great updates..Thanks for the seems that’s no matter how good a game is people will always Complain...smh

Watch out

This game is fun and addictive. When first starting you level up quickly are are given lots of stuff to help you level up. As the game progresses you realize that to keep up you need more game currency than provided, so you turn to Tapjoy. This will keep you going for another couple months. After that though Tapjoy offers become more limited as you have already done the good ones. The only thing left is to spend $. This game now requires over $500 a month to stay competitive due to recent changes and what I see as price gouging by the developer. All that being said this is a great game despite some recent programming issues.

Kill Shot Bravo

This is an intense and fun game! You don’t have to spend money because of gold you can earn. I used to play Commando but the developer either quit or stop updating. Check out this game and see if you can become an Elite sniper!

Fun but you only care about money and takes time to play

They like to say but this and but that and to play you need to upgrade weapons and that takes a long time so 1 star it would be a fun game if they kept not trying to get money and they let you play whenever you want but no you have to wait like 30 mins so bad game there’s better gun games then this

Game is corrupt thanks to rogue players

The game has issues yet HotHead is letting a group going by CSE run rampant and they are destroying players avatars and alliances as well as off game chat rooms. HotHead is letting them take and do what they want with no reproduction. HotHead what have you been reduced to?


To be competitive in all four categories of play requires for sets of weapons. It takes roughly $100.00 in game “Gold” to purchase each weapon. Sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, machine gun, pistol. That’s $500.00 times 4! And this is just the start of spending. I've been playing over a year. Love the maps and graphics. Very entertaining and addictive. Also great fun for people who like competitive shooting games. The down side is any rank or level can be attained if you spend enough money. Also I sometimes win PvP matches without firing a shot. Also game often kicks you out after you hit start, costing you energy that you paid for. You have been cautioned. To my knowledge there is not enough pertinent tutorial information. Quality weapons are too expensive, and become obsolete too soon. I say avoid this one.

Don’t waste your money

I have been playing this game for over a year. It was fun at the start with good rewards. Now the rewards are all the same week after week. In order make it in this game you will have to spend a lot of money buying upgrades that only last for a shot period of time. Hothead games are not responsive to customer complaints. Look at the Facebook page for this game. Read the comments then make your decision.


It wont let me download it

Good Game needs a few tweaks.

I have had the game shut down as I am going into a mission and when I come back I have lost those lives, like to see that fixed. It would be interesting to buy and sell used equipment. Would like to see a place in the game where I can see how many “Piercing”, “Slowmo” and “Auto Targets”, besides in a mission. I believe it is wrong to base daily objectives on something you have to buy.

Sniper game

I 1st started playing the game over a year ago the only good guns gotta be bought with gold!! It’s starting to looking more like a space wars game than being a snipers game.


To many crash need to fixed


It is expensive to play but very addictive

I like

I like the graphics. The missions are awesome.

Was good

Going good til you have to join a social media group. And or group. The original Kill Shot is a lot better…

No blood

You can start the game and then it makes you play missions for a tutorial and when you shoot people there is no blood and when I was going to play another mission and I pressed start and it didn't do anything

Took my gold

While swiping to view specials the game automatically bought a MG for roughly 1800 gold. When I told them about it they told me it was my fault and they could not fix it

Game server not responding

Updated on 1-14-18 and now server says cannot access my data , seems as gameplay is becoming a major issue since I first started playing a couple years ago

Rip off

Getting to be a rip off

New update

I have played this game for a looong time and i love it. However this last update (region 31) is impossible to play on iphone X because the controls dont respond to the commands when you need it. Lost its precision and becomes annoying. Please fix.

Tons of fun

I’ve been playing this for some time. It’s been a blast and tons of fun.

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