Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS App Reviews

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Pas mal

Bon jeu !!


vraiment sympa bon gaming

Very good

Vertical good

Kill Shot

Jogo perfeito!


Very good game

Kill Shot

Ein tolles Spiel



Good not bad

Pretty good game, you need time if you dont make real money purchases and it is much harder to advance. Seems mad pricey... But good game overall...apart from the pricing ... Without spending money you are able however to advance in a good manner... Time consuming

Pay-to-win game

You can play it in single mode without spending money. But youll need tons of time. Much faster with premium weapons. To buy it youll need "gold", for real money. Or earn it for watching ads, currently 10/day. Prices for current top guns are 1000-2000 gold. You need 4 at least. Do your math. 2 months later those guns almost useless. Much more fun is to play it in alliance, with up to 25 people. But its where "pay-to-win" option becomes the rule. 1st, youll need much more guns. 2nd, most events so limited in time and free recharge of energy is so slow... You spend gold on recharge or you lose. Before you start playing, ask yourself, am I ready to pay for it continuously? If answer is No, forget this game. Any investment in it has 0 value just 2 months later. Watch yourself and dont let such "Community supported" games suck on your wallet.

Always paying money

To play the game you will need weapons to buy for gold. It is very expensive. You can also get some gold via Tapjoy offer. But pay attention: service is awfull and you will lost a lot of money also by this way.


I love this game!


Didnt expect to love this game because Im such a girly girl but its actually amazing.

Great game - crappy service

Dont bother writing in to their user support with your game issues. They do nothing. Too bad because the game is great. Wont be making any further in-game purchases. Not with the lack of support

Hreat game but very expensive!

Very good gameplay et graphic! But if you want to be good, you have to spend between $ 100 and $ 200 US at each new region(1-2 mounts)! This is totally unfair!

Best game ever

Its good but they should allow u to move ur gun while aiming

This is the first game I love

The best

Was good..

The new ops are getting very outdated and boring quick. Always suicide bombers or protect your chopper. Seems to only generate those 2 most frequent. Game needs updating and new levels. Game play is good though. Weapons are good as well but if you want a semi auto with them you have to pay, bad in that aspect.

Too expensive

If you want to make good score, you need to spend a lot of real money! Something like more than 100$ US, only to start.

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